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cowboyhd's Journal

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  • cowboyhd@livejournal.com
Random Info

  • Most posts, if not all, will probably be either icons, animations, screencaps, picspam or fanvid.
  • While most posts will be Torchwood/Doctor Who related, I do post random stuffs too.
  • Cheesy/Crackpot/Gutter/Slashy/Tasteless are in a lot of my posts, so you might wanna stay away if you hate those.
  • I don't have friend-lock posts.
  • Comments: Unless there's a specific question or I have something to add back, I rarely respond back to every single comment. But I read all the comments and they're much appreciated as it would let me know if people actually like my works/use screencaps I post or should I just give up and go concentrate on drooling over Janto.
  • Crit/Rant: Constructive criticism/mistakes pointing on icons/picspam or anything for that matter are welcomed and greatly appreciated. Really, if you have something you wanna say/complain, just do it, I can take it. Just do it in a civil manner not "You suckzorrzzz!!!!".
  • Credits: Generally, credit is love, no credit is fine.
  • Requests: Feel free to drop me a msg. If I could do it, I would.
  • Everything I made is snaggable even if I never made a proper post of it.
  • Feel free to modify/add text to my graphic but please credit the base. While I don't demand credit if you are just using my graphic, to modify it and simply say you "made" it without crediting the base piss me off so bad especially if it's for your graphic post. If you don't want to credit then please use raw screencaps, I don't mind if you don't credit me. I'll even post it for you if you ask me for raw screencaps.
  • You can go ahead and friend me if you'd like. I tend to spam random icons, picspam, etc. every now and then so be warned. If my spamming become too annoying for you then feel free to de-friend, no offense taken.

Jack/Ianto - The ship that rules them all

Jack/Doctor - The ship that is eternity

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Jack Harkness
Ianto Jones
10th Doctor

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